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ONE Marimo Moss (Algae) in Tiny Glass Bottle With Irredescent Shell Pieces

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Condition: NEW bottle. Living plant. Read below.

Description: This is for ONE healthy Marimo in a tiny glass bottle with sand and iridescent shell pieces. The bottle measures about one inch tall. ALSO INCLUDED WILL BE CARE INSTRUCTIONS & THE LEGEND OF THE MARIMO (TELLS THE HISTORY AND FOLKLORE)! THESE ARE SO EASY TO CARE FOR AND LIVE OVER 100 YEARS! Just change the water weekly or bi-weekly and keep in a place away from windows. Perfect to make into pendants, keep at your desk, or help circulate water in your fish tank. Marimo balls are equal parts bazarre and beautiful. These live w/little care & live over 100 years! These are national treasures of Japan that will bring you luck. Marimo is actually not moss at all, but rather a rare form of spherical shaped algae. PLEASE CHECK OUT MORE PET PLANTS @ TREEHUGGERBOUTIQUE.COM !


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